Can Working At Home Work For You?

More and more people are ditching the office and using computers to do their jobs from home. A look at the fast-growing telecommuting trend–and whether it’s right for you.

Sounds good, all right: no commute, and a dress code that includes pajamas. But before you rush to join the 15 million office workers who do all or part of their jobs at home, ask yourself: Are you able to turn your back on a pleading child? Willing to ignore piles of laundry and mounds of dishes for eight hours at a time? Ready to troubleshoot your own computer problems?

You can do it!

You can do it!

You might want to find out, because the opportunity to telecommute could come your way. Increasingly, major corporations like AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Merrill Lynch are offering this option to attract and keep employees, or to save money on real estate. Some are even providing salary bonuses as an incentive.

For seven years, Carla Trexler was a full-time insurance rep. Then, when she was pregnant with the second of her three children, she started working from home, doing part-time data entry for Office Remedies, a company based in Herndon, VA. “Telecommuting works great for me,” she ,says. “It’s wonderful to have the flexibility to be with my kids.”

Trexler, who lives in Chantilly, VA, set up Continue reading…

Snoring Cure Tips

Snoring is not just detrimental to your social life but to your overall wellness, at well. Based on studies, overweight is one of the reasons why a person snores. If your weight is not appropriate to your age and height, you have to make some modification in your way of living. Eating the right food is important in achieving and maintaining the right figure. You must also take on regular exercises to manage your weight. Snoring can also be caused by frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. Social drinking is not ssbad at all if it is done in moderation. If you are a snorer, you should visit your doctor right away. The doctor will tell you everything that you need to know about your condition, including snoring treatments. There are various methods used to do away with snoring. Some includes invasive methods while there are others that you can use without causing you any pain. These are anti snoring devices like the VitalSleep mouthpiece, throat spray, nasal dilators, nasal strips and snoring pillows. When purchasing any of these items, make sure that you will go for the reliable brand. Conduct a research through your internet access to know the features of the product that you are eyeing for and what to expect from using it.

Temporary Solutions to Snoring

You have probably heard a lot of stories incorporating snoring to marriage failure. You think it’s a very petty reason but in reality snoring can really affect people’s relationship. For this reason, you have to immediately find an answer to your snoring before it creates a negative impact on your marriage. If you are a snorer and your wife has not said anything yet about it, do not wait for it to happen when you can prevent it by taking on snoring treatments. Supposing you are not ready yet to face the doctor, you may settle on anti snoring mouthpieces for the meantime. You may choose from an array of products that are designed to temporarily put an end to your irritating snores. Snore ball, nasal dilators, nasal strips, snoring mouthpiece and snoring pillows are just a few of the most effective Continue reading…

Ghost LA Just Haunts Me

Given the level of pre-opening excitement, Tanya Sarne has high hopes for her newest Ghost store, a 3,500-square-foot unit that opened Saturday at 125 North Robertson Boulevard here.

“I made my clothes for California,” said Sarne, owner of the British women’s wear company. “This is my biggest business here. Our clothing is perfect for the L.A. climate and the L.A. mentality. It’s machine washable, and everybody in L.A. has washing machines.

“People in New York think they’re trendier and sharper, but our best sales have always been in L.A.,” she added. Ghost is sold at Neiman Marcus and Theodore in Beverly Hills.

A measure of that popularity is that some people — including young Hollywood actresses — didn’t wait until the opening to buy the company’s signature viscose designs.

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Can Skin Tags Be Prevented?

cstbpThe skin tags may be very common to people of all ages, but they are still something that should be prevented or treated. Thousands of people every day are trying to find out how to home remove skin tags, since some aggressive treatments may be painful, or bring along side effects. However, it is still important to learn how those menaces can be prevented, and here are some lifestyle changes for everyone to try.

Simple sugars have always been very harmful for overall health, and that is a situation with skin tags as well. Simply put, this is some kind of chain reaction, because too much sugar can lead to developing the type 2 diabetes, and people with this illness usually have more skin tags. Even the saturated fat can add some complications to the heart, as well as to the skin. The best way to avoid this is to switch to unsaturated fats, and add some fish and vegetables to the diet. The next important fighter against skin tags is yogurt, because it is full of bacteria that keep the immune system on the highest levels. It is also beneficial to learn how to home remove skin tags on the outside, which means the proper skin care is a must.

Check out more skin tag removal products and tips here.

What To Do About Skin Tags In Children?

The good news is that skin tags are not life threatening, so kids can grow up healthy even with those little marks on their body. Nonetheless, there are not Continue reading…

How Much Should A Healthy Person Weigh?

hmsahpwYou know how to figure out what your weight should be, right? You just look at the chart in your doctor’s office, find you frame type and height, and that’s it. But wait! What about the rule that says: Start at 100 pounds and add five more for every inch over five feet? Or the stuff on body fat percentage, waist-hip ratio, or any number of other formulas that are supposed to tell you whether or not you’re overweight? Add to all this the fact that women feel pressured by our small-minded culture to be skinny — skinnier, in fact, than most of us ought to be — and it’s no wonder we’re so confused! That pressure increased with a highly publicized 1995 Harvard University study. According to some new
reports, the study proved that the very skinniest among us were the healthiest — and putting on any weight with age was bad news. But that was a misinterpretation, says the study’s author, JoAnn Manson, M.D., codirector of women’s health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School. The study tracked women ages 30 to 55 over a 16-year period, and Dr. Manson did find that the slimmest subjects in each height group had the lowest mortality rates. But a woman had to be really overweight for the risk to increase Continue reading…

Do Not Panic When You Experience Hard Drive Problems

hrrBeing a responsible computer owner means you have to know how and when to get assistance with something that might be a little over your head. For instance, when you are trying to address hard drive recovery issues, if you are not familiar then you need to seek the help of experts. While you are discussing the issues with them, ask them for any DIY advice that they can offer you.

One thing to keep in mind once you hear that clicking or whirring sound, you do not have much time left to make a decision. The best thing to do is not to panic! You can always remove the hard drive and wrap it in a protective plastic bag. Do not wrap it in a towel! The fibers from the towel can cause more damage than good.

Take your time and do not jostle the hard drive around. The less friction and excitement it receives the better the chances you have to participate in a hard drive recovery process. This is when you want to treat it with the upmost amount of care and love! Making sure to backup any and all files before you lose them is the best piece of advice I can offer.

Do Not Become Blind Or Afraid Of These Signs Of Hard Drive Failure

In this day and age, no one should be afraid of technology and or computers. It is when there is a lack of knowledge or the fear of breaking something that the apparent signs of hard drive failure are entirely overlooked. This is one technological issue that should never be overlooked or ignored. It will not correct itself, go away, or repair itself. It will only do one thing, get worse and then totally fail.

If you are going to be using a computer or laptop, there are a few things you need to pay close attention to. Know your equipment and become familiar with how it acts and reacts. Whining, clicks, and grinding noises are never good If your screen turns blue, often referred to as the ‘blue screen of death’ When your system reboots, with no help from you. Frequently hanging up, freezing, or not responding at all.Error messages are never a good sign. Although there is no cut and dry reason as to why a hard drive fails, it could actually be a number of things. Damage, whether you are careful or not. Spills on or near the system can be detrimental. Also, the main temperature of the system can be an issue. If it is running to hot, or to cold, it could cause the first signs of hard drive failure.

Freezing: A Hard Drive Clicking Noise Solution

In today’s digital age, there are a lot of expensive ways to help troubleshoot a computer’s malfunctioning parts. Because of the complexities of various systems and processes, it gets more and more expensive to repair or fix and possibly replace any broken parts. This is the reason why when one hears an unusual hard drive clicking noise, an internet user proposed an ingenious idea that is admittedly a cheaper and more cost effective alternative to hard drive troubleshooting.

This user proposed to detach the computer’s hard drive and double bag it with a plastic Ziploc bag and place it at the coldest part of your freezer. Leave it there for at least twelve hours before thawing and checking to see if the hard drive clicking noise is gone. This life hack has been posted over and over the internet several times. There have been heated debates about whether this can really benefit users hearing a hard drive clicking noise in their computers or recover data safer and faster in case of hard drive crashed. Some have argued that this is a bad idea that might further damage your hard drive while other have posted various photos confirming its effectiveness. It’s still somewhat worth it for minor external drive issues, though, and other devices as well. At least if you are not in need of a RAID array rebuild or full on server recovery issue. IN that case, it’s strictly not a DIY project.

Hard Drive Recovery Group, meanwhile, offers professional data recovery for RAID 5 and 10 servers and Mac drives.

Good Data Recovery Tools

There are two great tools that will help your computer perform at its most optimal. The flash drive is a great back up tool for your computer. You can use this computer tool to transfer information from one computer to another relatively easy without having to rely on another tool. Continue reading…